50th Anniversary Celebrations

Join a Sub committee

We have an organising committee and after our community consultation we have an impressive list of things our community have said should be part of our celebrations.  Please see the 4 sub committees below and if you can help out with some of these jobs, please make contact with the school office on 2345979 or email office@tairangi.school.nz or you can contact the organising committee member co-ordinating each sub-committee.

While we want to include as much as possible to celebrate our wonderful school and community, we can’t do it without your help.  Please join the fun in preparing for our celebration by offering to lend a hand.  With your help we can make this a celebration of our communities past, present and future.

Taonga for the Celebration

  • Taonga to give back to the school and unveil ceremony / gift to the school
  • T shirt / hoodies and school flag school tivaevae, hats
  • Name origins
  • History
  • Manaia
  • Taonga display
  • Prizes for best dressed / items etc
  • Flowers (leis) for previous principals and mayors
  • Fence handprints for each whanau for 75th
  • Plaque to unveil, tree, seats
  • Living Heritage
  • Mural for hall
  • Street Signage, School banner
  • Gazebo’s and island mats
  • Old School song playlist
  • An MC

Activities during the Celebration

  • Cultural performance for every culture in the school
  • Polyfest
  • Waiata and whanau support Tairangi school anthem
  • Music, drumming
  • Dance
  • Child care while adults participate in a ball
  • Games and sports cultural activities, traditional skills like tie dying
  • Fundraising to make it free, gala
  • Culturally appropriate practices
  • Karakia, turou, powhiri etc
  • House celebrations
  • Whare metaphor for school and community
  • 2019 Class items grand performance in houses. Maybe each house represent a different culture?
  • Monday to Friday open days then afternoon tea for principals, community and staff.
  • School to supply food
  • Cut cake (oldest and youngest child)
  • Council support to reflect in our community
  • Property looking great
  • Grant Applications
  • Community Sports / relays etc


  • Include
    Community group
    Members of community
    Ex students / parents / staff
    Kids and family
  • 50th anniversary account email on website etc. Facebook
  • Drip feed this year to build excitement
  • Profile of past students electronic and wall of fame
  • Time capsule
  • Record the event live, online and time capsule.
  • Past meets present
  • Each year having their own group and introduced together
  • Celebration over the ages
  • Groups can meet in the days leading up to it. Eg katikati for Kuki Airani or decades etc.
  • Archive and images rich
  • Digital connection for those who can’t attend.
  • Connect to previous celebrations, events and achievements
  • Groups to contribute towards celebration
  • Facebook / website
  • Photos by decade in the hall…spare copies for people to keep as well.
  • Advertising the event:
  • Facebook (kept up to date)
  • Papers, poster media and in own language
  • Too expensive and difficult to send individual invites, although we may wish to approach a number of key people.
  • Past stories captured, and shared including orally.
  • Drone for pictures


  • Birthday cake
  • Cupcake for every child
  • Kai of different cultures
  • Hangi / umu, traditional foods traditional cooking methods? Watercress
  • Greenhouse…school or community garden (could be the gift to the community from the school).
  • Look at the kitchen and recommend changes.