Our Cultures


Our Cultures

What we do to develop and strengthen

our diverse cultures


We start the school day with a karakia using the main languages of the school: Maori, Samoan and Cook Island Maori.

We have a specific section in our library for books written in Te Reo Maori and the Pacific Island languages as well as books about Maori and Pacific themes written in English.

Maori and Pacific contexts are often used in curriculum studies.



Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori are taught to all students by a dedicated Maori teacher fluent in Te Reo.

We promote the use of Te Reo throughout the school day.

We welcome new students and families with a Powhiri each term.



Samoan language and culture is taught by a Samoan teacher fluent in the language.

There is a Samoan parent group that meets regularly to discuss the education of their tamaiti and support the Samoan programmes offered at school.


Other Cultures

Other Pacific and Asian languages are represented in our Powhiri each term.

We include other cultures in our singing and dancing programmes and performing arts events. We acknowledge and promote all cultures in classrooms and across the school




We have a diverse range of cultures on our staff: Maori, Samoan, Cook Island,  NZE, English and Latin American.




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