Our Library


Our Library

We believe the Library is integral to the

classroom learning programmes.




Our Library is a very welcoming place where children can enjoy reading and browsing the books.

We have a dedicated library teacher and library assistant who are responsible for the Library.  The Library is staffed by the Library teacher or Library assistant each day from 9.00am till 1.45pm.

Teachers bring classes in at other times throughout the day.


The Library has a pod of touch screen computers for student use.


Children are encouraged to have 2 books out at a time; one for class and one for home.


The Library is open for children at Lunchtimes where they can choose to read, use the computers or play quiet indoor games.


Children are encouraged to participate in the Summer Reading programme which allows them to take a stack of library books to read over the summer.

Research shows that if children continue to read every day their reading levels are less likely to go down over the summer holiday.


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