It is essential for children to attend school
every day it is open for instruction for
them to reach their full potential.


If your child is going to be away please ring the school office on 2359579 to explain the absence. We cannot accept explanations from other children/siblings. If we do not receive an explanation the absence will be recorded as Truant.


Justified Absences


Doctors’ or Dentists’ appointments

Funeral/Tangi for close family members

Health camp

Suspension or Stand-Down

On rare occasions there may be other times where an absence is justified.These must be discussed with and approved by the Principal.



Absence Rates across the year.


5% absence is approx 10 days (2 weeks of missed school)

A concern

10% absence is approx 20 days (4 weeks of missed school, one month)

Critical Concern

15% absence is approx 30 days (6 weeks of missed school, over ½ a term)

Very serious

20% absence is approx 40 days (8 weeks of missed school, nearly one term)



RAAYS Process

(Raising Achievement Across our Youth Sector)

When a student’s absence rate reaches 15% we start the RAAYS process in order to work together with the family to reduce the absences.


The RAAYS Process is made up of 5 steps



The teacher has a conversation with the parent to raise awareness of the concern and to see what we can do to help. The parent receives the RAAYS 1 letter.


The parent receives the RAAYs 2 letter and meets with the Principal to discuss ways to reduce the absences. The Social Worker in Schools (SWiS) or the Health Nurse may become involved at this stage. A referral to the MOE Attendance Officer will be made if necessary.


A RAAYs 3 letter will be delivered by the Police and parents will be requested to have another meeting with the Principal. Other people may also be involved at this stage (Police, Attendance Officer, SWiS)


The parent receives a RAAYs 4 letter. Parents will be requested to attend a Family Group Conference organised by Child Youth and Family (CYFs)


The parent will receive a RAAYs 5 letter. The matter will be referred on to the Courts.

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