General Information


General Information


Address: 3 Omapere Street, Waitangirua,

Porirua 5024

Phone:  04- 2359579

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


School Hours

Start:                                8.45 – 10.25

Morning tea break:       10.25 – 10.45

Lunch break:                   12.15 – 1.15

End of School:                 2.45


Late to School

If your child is late to school they need to pick up a “Late Pass” from the office so the office staff can update the attendance record.


Early release from School

If you need to take your child from school early, please pick up an “Early Leave Pass” from the office so the office staff can update the attendance record.



You are most welcome to make an appointment to talk with the Principal and have a look around the school before your decide to enrol.

Please arrange an appointment to complete the enrolment process. If your child is starting school for the first time (New Entrant) please bring

1. the Birth Certificate or Passport

2. Immunisation Certificate. If your child is not fully immunised please let the school know on enrolment.

If your child was born overseas please bring the passport and any documentation required to show the child is legally entitled to attend a NZ school.



Digital Devices

All classrooms have laptops and iPads and the Library has desktop computers for students to use for their learning.

Students in Y4-8 are able to lease-to-own their own Chromebooks for use at school and at home.

Students and Families are required to sign our Internet Usage Contract.

We do not encourage children to bring their own devices to school.


Cell Phones

We do not encourage children to have cell phones at school. If you wish your child to have a cell phone at school they will be required to hand it into the office for safe keeping for the day.



Newsletters are  sent home each fortnight. They are also available on this website - by clicking here. It is important that parents read these. As an incentive we run a lucky draw of signed newsletter slips; winners get a juicie.


Policies and Procedures

These are available for parents at the office on request.


Concerns and Complaints

We encourage parents to raise any concerns or complaints following correct procedure.

Please find a copy of our Concerns and Complaints policy by clicking here, or you may request one from the office.


Ake Runga Assembly

Twice a term we have an Ake Runga Assembly usually in week 5 and week 10 at 1.30pm.

Students showcase their best work. It could be in performing Arts, Visual Arts or what they have been doing in the other curriculum areas.

Ake Runga Awards are presented to 2 students from each class for impressive achievement or attitude. 100% attendance awards and 100% homework awards are presented at the end of each term.


Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

School trips are very valuable occasions for students to learn about the world around them.

They provide a depth to their learning and are very enjoyable.

We give parents 2 weeks’ notice of any trips that are coming up and the costs. We try and keep the costs to a minimum. Please sign the permission slip and send money to school before the deadline. If you are struggling to provide the money before the trip please talk to the Principal or Teacher and we can make alternative arrangements.

We are sorry that we are unable to take children who do not have their permission slip.



Stationery Lists are sent home at the end of the year.

Please buy the stationery at the local shops before the start of school and make use of the very good “Back to School” specials. There are some items that we request you buy from school.


The school has a limited supply of stationery for purchase throughout the year.


Duffy Books in Homes

Periodically children are given a free book of their choice for their very own,

to read and enjoy. Book ownership encourages children to develop a

Love of Reading that will last their whole life.

Please encourage your children to love reading by

Reading yourself and showing you value reading

Taking your child to the public library regularly

Buying books as gifts for your child

Reading to and with your child at home.


Health Nurse

Our Health Nurse, Chris Campbell is in attendance every Monday morning.

She is available to offer Health advice for any child or pre-schooler sibling in the family attending this school. Please contact the school office to make an appointment or ring her directly on 04 5872902 or 0274809735


Emergency Contacts

Is case of an emergency (fire, earthquake, Injury, illness) it is very important that we can contact you or another adult you trust to care for your child.

Please make sure you provide the school with current contact phone numbers (landlines, mobiles, work numbers) of parents and two emergency contact relatives or friends.


Emergency Provisions

Parents and caregivers may be delayed in picking up their children, due to a severe emergency (eg. Earthquake); in which case we would have to keep some children at school for an extended period of time until care can be arranged by approved adults.

We ask that all children have at school two cans of food that can be eaten cold. Children will bring it home at the end of the year or left overs will be given to the Food Bank


Social Worker in Schools (SWiS)

We have a Social Worker in Schools, Janetta Scoble, who is available to support families and students of Tairangi School. She may be able to help with any family issues, budgeting or housing advice, home issues that might be impacting on the child’s attendance at school or their education generally etc. If you would like any assistance or just to talk something through with our SWiS, you can ring the school office or contact her directly on 0272280104


Milk in Schools

Children are provided with a 250ml carton of chilled Long Life Milk every day.

If you would like your child to be part of the Milk in Schools programme please complete the ‘Milk in Schools’ Form found in this pack.


Fruit in Schools

A wide variety of fruit is provided for the children every day who want it.


Parents visiting the school

To minimise disruption to children's’ learning, we ask that all parents report to the office first.

We can call for your child to come to the office or pass on messages or lunches for you. If you wish to speak to the teacher please arrange for an appointment or time your visits for out of class times.


Lost Property

Please enquire at the office for any lost property. Lost property is displayed at the end of every term. Uncollected property is sent to the clothing bins.


School Fees

We do not charge any school fees.









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