Health & Safety and Lunches


Health & Safety and Lunches

What we do so that your children are kept

safe and healthy at school



We require children to be provided with “Healthy Lunches” each day.

We encourage children to bring sandwiches or rolls with healthy fillings, yoghurt, fruit, muffins etc.

We request that children do not bring chippies, lollies, fizzy drinks, packets of biscuits, pies etc to school. We ask that parents restrict these treat foods for home.

If you are short of food for lunch for whatever reason, please give the school a ring and we are very happy to provide them with a sandwich and fruit at school.


Subway Orders

Children can order Subway on Fridays.

$6 for a 4 inch

$7 for a 6 inch

$10 for a 12 inch

All meals include a cookie and a juice.

Children put the money in an envelope and tick the fillings they want. Subway collects the orders at 9.00am and delivers the food to school by 12noon. Any change is put in the envelope and returned to the child.



It is essential for children to learn, that they start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Please make sure your child has had a healthy breakfast before they come to school.


Rheumatic Fever

Children, with parental permission, complaining of a sore throat have their names recorded in the “Sore Throat” book each day. Twice a week the Public Health Nurses swab the sore throats and the specimens are sent away for analysis. Parents of children that are Strep A positive will be contacted and a course of antibiotics provided.

This is a Government initiative to decrease the rate of Rheumatic Fever in the community.

A form is available at the school office to sign if you give permission for your child to take part in this programme.


Medical Room


When children get injured or feel unwell at school the incident is recorded in the Medical Room Book.  If the child receives a bang to the head or if a broken bone or major sprain is suspected parents will be contacted by phone immediately. If we cannot reach the parent an ambulance will be called in the case of a suspected broken bone or concussion. If the injury is one that may result in a more than minor bruise or graze/cut a note will be sent home explaining the situation. We have Panadol at school to give students, with parent permission, who may be feeling unwell or have a headache. We contact parents if the students continue to feel unwell for more than 1 hour.

The medical room is located close to the office and staffroom where children can be closely supervised.


Student Well Being

We have policies and practices in place to ensure all children feel safe and happy at school.

We always have two teachers on playground duty wearing high-vis vests so that children can easily find a duty teacher if they need to.

If you become concerned that there is something troubling your child at school please let the teacher or the Principal know straight away so that we can look into the reasons and solve the problem. The earlier the better.



We require all students to wear sunhats while outside during the summer, term 1 and term 4. We encourage the sunhats to have a brim that will protect the back of the neck and ears as well eg. bucket style hats.

If children are without a hat, they will be required to play under the sunshade, in the sandpit or in the Library.



Omapere Street and Warspite Avenue are patrolled each morning and afternoon by senior students, who have been trained in road patrol by the Police. They are supervised by teachers or volunteer parents.

School Patrols are on duty at 8.15am – 8.40am and 2.45pm – 3.00pm





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