Special Programmes

Special Programmes

What we do to support students’ learning





English as a Second Language (ESOL)

About 25% of our students are ESOL. We provide extra English Learning

Support for our ESOL Students. We have a Part-time teacher who provides

extra English teaching and we have teacher aides who support their English

learning in the class.


Reading Recovery

6 year old students who need extra support to catch up with their peers in Literacy are put

onto Reading Recovery. Reading Recovery is a special intensive 1 on 1 programme.

Lessons are every day and are 30 minutes long. The reading recovery teacher meets

with the parents at the start and end of the programme.


Special Needs

We provide extra teaching support and teacher aide support for students who have Special

Learning Needs. We also seek extra support provided by the MoE where applicable.

We provide this extra support in an inclusive environment wherever possible – that means

within the classroom in a sensitive and supportive manner.


Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Gifted and Talented students are identified through assessments, teacher observations,

peer nominations and parent information. The talents may be over various disciplines such

as Academic, Sporting, Cultural, Leadership. Opportunities are provided for these students

to develop their area of talent through classroom programmes, special out of class projects

and various ways throughout the life of the school.





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