Home and School


Home and School

What we do to work in partnership with

the home.



Parent-Student-teacher Meetings and Written Reports



Teachers will write a report and meet with parents and students

1. At the end of 20 weeks and 40 weeks of school

2. At the end of 60 weeks and 80 weeks of school

3. At the end of 100 weeks and 120 weeks of school



Teachers will

1. Meet with parents and students early in the year to discuss the previous end of year report,

the last assessment results from the previous year and to set goals for the coming year.

2. Meet with parents and students at the end of term 2 to discuss the interim report

beforeit goes home and set new goals for the rest of the year

3. Send home an End of Year Report


Special Needs Students

Teachers will meet termly  with parents and students, who have been receiving extra support.


Samoan Parents Group

We have a strong Samoan parents’ group which meets regularly to discuss their children’s education and

support the Samoan language Learning.


Other Parents Groups

We welcome any parents who would like to set up a Parent group to represent their culture and language.




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