Chromebooks for Education

We are increasingly using the Google environment for our learning programmes, to enable our children to maximise their learning oppprtunities and computing skills in the digital age.

We encourage our Y4-8 students to own their own chromebooks to maximise their learning opportunities at school and at home.

We are part of the Te Mana o Kupe Trust that has developed an affordable and equitable system where parents, of children who attend the Porirua East schools, can lease a chromebook for their child (Y4-8 only) starting from as little as $4 a week.

The Trust offers a whole package which includes: the chromebook with a 3 year warranty, the Google operating system, Hapara Teacher Dashboard, Insurance cover, and free access to the school's digital technicians. The Trust is also working towards providing free wifi for chromebook users at home.

Over time children will need increasingly less paper based exercise books to record their learning as they will be using the digital environment more and more to communicate, and research, manipulate, share, and record their learning.

For more information please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link. FAQ


If you would like to sign up for a chromebook or would like more information please ring the school office to make an appointment with the Principal.

When you come to sign up you will need to bring with you ...

1. $45 deposit,

2. proof of bank account (eg top of your bank statement)

3. photo ID.

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