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Tairangi School is a full primary school catering for Y1 to Y8 students.

Tairangi School opened in 1969 as a contributing school (Y1-6) and recapitated becoming a full primary school (Y1 – Y8) in 1998.

Tairangi school is small multi-cultural school where...

26.5% of our students are Maori

39.2% of our students are Samoan

16.2% of our students are Cook Island Maori

6.4% of our students are Tokelauan

0.5% of our students are Asian/Indian

7.8% of our students are New Zealand European

3.4% of our students are from other cultures


The school roll is usually about 150 - 160 students.


Our new entrant students generally come from a variety of Early Childhood Education facilities in the local community.

Our Y8 students generally attend the 2 local colleges; Aotea College and Porirua College. A few students attend other colleges.


We have good relationships with the ECE centres and the colleges and work together to ensure a smooth transition to school and college.

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